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Combustion Chemistry

The side line of vacuum-ultraviolet beamline, BL04C2 is constructed as the collaborative research program of NSRRC and NSRL, USTC/Prof. Fei Qi, and is dedicated to the combustion chemistry research. To maximize the photon flux and minimize the focused beam size, a cylindrical mirror, a cylindrical grating, and a set of refocusing mirrors are utilized. The beamline collects a 30 mrad horizontal by 7 mrad vertical solid angle of the bending-magnet source. By using a 600 grooves/mm grating, the photon flux is greater than 1×1012 photons/sec for the spectral range from 70 nm to 330 nm with the energy resolving power at 1000.

The combustion chemistry endstation (BL04C2) has two sets of combustion apparatuses, Premixed flame apparatus and Pyrolysis apparatus. Both apparatuses consist of a reaction chamber, a synchrotron-VUV photoionization chamber and a reflectron time-of-flight mass spectrometer (RTOF-MS, m/Δm≈3000), individually. The Premixed flame apparatus consists of a standard McKenna burner in the reaction chamber, and can be used to investigate low-to-atmospheric pressure laminar premixed flames of hydrocarbons, oxygenated fuels and nitrogenous fuels at fuel-lean, stoichiometric and fuel-rich conditions. The Pyrolysis reactor with an electrically heated α-alumina or quartz flow tube is installed in the reaction chamber. Pyrolysis experiments at low-to-atmospheric pressures can be performed for different types of gaseous and liquid fuels, e.g. hydrocarbons, oxygenated fuels, and nitrogenous fuels. Based on the present sampling and ionization system, the endstation can also be coupled with other reactors to investigate scientific problems in a variety of topics, such as oxidation, diffusion flames, and elementary reactions in gas phase.

This beamline and endstation will be partially open to general users starting in the 2015-2 cycle.

►Contact Information
Further information on proposals and restriction of samples should be addressed to

BL04C2 Spokesperson:
Lee, Yin-Yu   (, +886-3-578-0281 Ext: 7114)

BL04C2 Beamline Manager:
Huang, Tzu-Ping (, +886-3-578-0281 Ext: 7142)

►Technical Information

Operational (general use) (Open in 2015)
Experiments Combustion Chemistry
Source Bending Magnet
Acceptance Angle H x V (mrad) 30 x 7
Monochromator Normal incident
Energy Range(eV)) 4 ~ 17
Beam Size H x V (mm)) 1.2 x 1.0
Resolving Power E/ΔE 1000
Flux (photons/sec) 1 x 10E(12)

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