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About EFD

The Experimental Facility Division (EFD) of NSRRC provides multiple synchrotron-based experimental facilities and research techniques for users to study demanding scientific problems. We also provides professional discussions and substantial user support; therefore, both experienced and non-experienced users are all welcome to use these facilities.

The major missions of EFD are:

  • Design and construction of major new instrumentation such as beamlines and stations.
  • Development of new synchrotron-based techniques and applications.
  • Operation and upgradation of beamlines and stations.
  • Provide scientific and technical support to NSRRC users for carrying out their experiments.
  • Provide experimental training for novice user and new staff.
  • Disseminate our techniques to new user communities and research areas.
  • Facilitate the active use of advanced analytical techniques developed at NSRRC for technological development in industry