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General X-ray scattering, X-ray absorption spectroscopy and micro-probe beamline

This beamline is designed for general purpose experiments, including WAXD, GIXD and XAFS. Scattering experiment station contains a Huber 5021 diffractometer with 2-circle analyzer, cryostat system; XAFS station has a 2 axes sample stage with a lytle detector. Two sizes (length of 15 and 30 cm) of Ionization chambers and scintillation counters are supplied for custom setup. Micro-probe experiment station is still under commission and near complete.

►Contact Information
If you have any technical concerns, please contact us!
BL07A1 Spokesperson:
Soo, Yun-Liang  (, +886-3-578-0281 Ext: 3366)
BL07A1 Beamline Manager:
Weng, Shih-Chang (, +886-3-578-0281 Ext: 3375)
►Technical Information
In-Achromatic Superconducting Wiggler 6
Energy range
5 – 23 keV
Energy resolution
1.5 – 2.5x10-4 (without slits)
Photon flux
8.6x1010 ~ 2.4x1013 Photons/sec
Beam size
0.5 mm x 0.25 mm (H x V, FWHM)
Beam divergence
0.32 mrad (vertical)
High harmonic contamination
Control system
Key optics
Rh/Pt coated silicon collimating mirror, Si(111) double crystal monochromator, toroidal focusing mirror and K-B mirror
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