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SP12B2 at SPring-8

Mutiple-Wavelength Anomalous Dispersive and Monochromatic Protein Crystallography

►Contact Information

If you have any technical concerns, please contact us!!

SP12B2 Beamline Spokesperson
Chen, Chun-Jung (, +886-3-578-0281 Ext: 7330)

SP12B2 Beamline Scientist
Yoshimura, Masato (, +886-3-578-0281 Ext: 3156)


►Technical Information

Average Beam Life time

Infinite under SPring-8 Top up Modes

Ring Current (mA)

100 mA


Bending Magnet


Vertically Collimating Pre-mirror, Fixed-exit Double Crystal Si (1 1 1) Monochromator, Toroidal Focusing Mirror. (Mirrors Rh-Coated and Mirror cutoff variable)

Energy Range

7-23 keV (1.77 -0.54 Å)


1.5 X 10E11 @ 12.398 keV

Spot Size

0.25 mm (H) X 0.25 mm (V)


Kohzu High Precision Goniometer (S. O. C ≤ 1μm)

Pin Length and Restrictions

10-24 mm and Omega +/- 360 degree


ADSC Quantum-Q4R CCD Area Detector

Xtal-detector Distance

12 – 80 Cm

Detector Details

Inter-Frame Total Dead Time: 14s

Detector movable

Vertical and Horizontal axis

Cryo Capability

Rigaku/MSC X-Stream2000, ̴110 K@ sample


SPEC &  BSS Control Software, HKL2000 and all Crystallography Software


MAD, SAD and Monochromatic


►Station Photos

SP12B2 End-Station Sample Autochanger SPACE
Coaxial CCD Microscope Camera  Experimental Control Area
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