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Small and Wide angle X-ray Scattering for Nanomaterials and Soft Matter

Since May 2009, a dedicated small/wide angle X-ray scattering (SWAXS) endstation located at the BL23A beamline has been opened to all NSRRC users. The SWAXS instrument aims for structural characterization of air-liquid interfaces, thin films, and solution and bulk specimens, covering the length scale from ~0.1 nm to ~300 nm and the research fields in soft matter, nanomaterials, and alloy. The new BL23A SWAXS endstation is featured in simultaneous, time-resolved SAXS/WAXS with DSC, shear, or stretching device for polymers and liquid crystals. Solution SAXS for colloidal particles, proteins, and biomacromolecules can be conducted, with a 4-syringe stopped-flow system. With the double multilayer monochromator (DMM) mode for a high flux beam of ~10^11 photons/s, scattering time resolution can be within a second for structural dynamics studies with polymer crystallization; with the double crystal monochromator (DCM) mode for a beam of an energy resolution of few eV, anomalous scattering is also available for multiphase nanoparticles, composites, unilamellar lipid vesicles, and alloys, containing elements of characteristic X-ray absorptions in the energy region between 5-23 keV. Grazing incidence SAXS/WAXS for polymer, lipid or nanoparticle thin films/monolayers on solid substrates can be performed. With a deflecting mirror for a precise bending of the X-ray beam downwards, GISAXS for nanostructures of monolayer/multilayer films formed at the air-liquid interface is possible. For more information about the NSRRC BL23A SWAXS endstation, please visit the website at

►Contact Information

BL23A1 Spokesperson:
Jeng, U-Ser (, +886-3-578-0281 Ext 7108)

BL23A1 Beamline manager:
Su, Chun-Jen (, +886-3-578-0281 Ext 7205)

►Technical Information

Operational (general use)


%Time available (general use)

75 %




14 Poles, 6.1 cm Period Length, 3.1 Tesla Wiggler

Ring Current(mA)

300 mA

Average Beam Lifetime

Infinite Under NSRRC Top Up Conditions

Energy Range

5 ~ 23 keV (2.48 Å ~ 0.54 Å)

Energy Resolution

2.2 x 10E(-4) (DCM ) or 1.2 x 10E(-2) (DMM)

Spot Size

FWHM: 0.8 mm (H) x 0.3 mm (V)


Vertically Collimating Mirror, Coupled Double Crystal Si(111)/Multilayer (Mo/B4C) Monochromators, Toroidal Focusing Mirror


2 x 10E(10) (DCM) / 3 x 10E(11) (DMM)

Flux Detailed

Flux Measured Through a 0.5 mm Round Aperture @ 8 keV

Wavelength Min (Å)


Wavelength Max (Å)



Double Crystal/Multilayer Monochromators

Crystal Type

Si(111) or MoB4C


Two strips: Rh/Pt double layers / bare Si surface

Mirror Cutoff

23 keV


Linear Proportional Delayline Area Detector (180 mm by 180 mm); Linear detector: 180 mm; MARCCD165 (dia. 165 mm); Pilatus 1M-F area detector (7 ms/frame, 169mm by 179 mm); Mythen-3k linear detector (2.5 ms/frame, 8mm by 18 mm)

Lab Facilities

Heating Oven, Cooler, DSC, shear stage, stretching-heating device, stop-flow system


Supersonic data collection acquisition system; MARCCD data acquisition system; NSRRC auto data collection kit; NSRRC SAXS Data Reduction Kit


Linex & MS windows PC Control

Backup Devices

Windows PC; Data Analysis; Backup

►Station Photos

BL23A SWAXS beamline layout
  Inner Structure of DCM/DMM monochromator Slit/pinhole beam collimation system 
Linear X and Y detector system for WAXS 7-meter/6 axis detector stage
Simultaneous SAXS/WAXS setup with Pilatus-1MF (7 ms/frame) and Mythen-3k (2.5 ms/frame)  


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