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Spectroscopy Beamline

The U5 Spectroscopy beamline can be connected with any UHV compatible endstation and is open to all users.
The Surface Characterization Station (SCS) is only open to cooperated users. If you are interested, please contact spokesperson.
The SCS endstation is a general-purpose endstation devoted to x-ray and ultra-violate photoemission from a variety of materials, based on a VG Scientific CLAM 4 analyzer with a nine-channel electromultiplier. The endstation consists of three UHV chambers, including an analysis chamber and two separate preparation chambers with metallic and organic deposition. All three chambers has a base pressure of 1.0×10-9 torr or better during experiments. The endstation is capable of heating (> 1000 C) and cooling (< 110 K). Sample characterization facilities include sputtering, off-line ESCA (Mg and Al anodes) and He-I UPS. Two separate, attached preparation chambers are equipped with ion gun, quartz microbalance, and provision for installation of various evaporation cells of metal and organics.
Previous experiments include: x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and valence band spectroscopy. Samples studied include thin film of organic semiconductors, liquid crystal carbon alignment layers, magnetic multilayers, self-assembled nanostructures, clean surfaces, correlated materials, semiconductors, metals, etc.

►Contact Information

If you have any technical concerns, please contact us!

BL09A2 Spokesperson:
Hsu, Yao-Jane (, +886-3-578-0281 Ext: 7311)

BL09A2 Beamline Manager:
Yu, Li-Chung (, +886-3-578-0281 Ext: 1102)


►Technical Information

Operational (general use)



Spectroscopy PES


5 cm Period Length, 76 periods undulator

Ring Current (mA)

300 mA

Average Beam Lifetime

Infinite Under NSRRC Top Up Conditions

Energy Range


Calculated Energy Resolution(eV)

0.01@130eV(285 l/mm), 0.03@280eV(400 l/mm), 0.08@640eV(800 l/mm), 0.06@900eV(1600 l/mm)

Calculated Spot Size

FWHM: 0.3 mm (H) x 0.03 mm (V)

Calculated Flux*(photons/s)

4.6E13@130eV(I)(285 l/mm), 1.8E13@280eV(I)(400 l/mm), 4.2E11@640eV(III)(800 l/mm), 9.9E11@900eV(III)(1600 l/mm)


Vertical Focusing Mirror, 6m Spherical Grating Monochromator, Kirkpatrick-Baez Mirrors


4 interchangeable spherical gratings (285 l/mm, 400 l/mm, 800 l/mm, 1600 l/mm),

Beamline Phone Number

886-3-5780281 Ext 1102(A2)


►Endstation Information

Note: This end station will NOT open to general user. User who is interesting in using this beamline will have to carry his own station.
Schematic drawing of Surface Characterization Endstation
Top View of Experimental Endstation
Photo of Experimental Endstation Close View of Sample Surrounding


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