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Photoemission Electron Microscopy

►Contact Information

If you have any technical concerns, please contact us!

BL05B2 Spokesperson:
Wei, Der-Hsin (, +886-3-578-0281 Ext: 7312)

BL05B2 Beamline Manager:
Lu, Chun-I (, +886-3-578-0281 Ext: 7151)

►Technical Information


Yes, Since May 1st, 2003.

Source characteristics

5.6-cm-period elliptical polarization undulator (EPU5)

Energy range

60–1400 eV



Calculated flux (1.5 GeV, 300 mA)

2 x 1012 photons/s/0.1%BW at 800 eV [Value reported is the merit function, flux = total flux x (degree of circular polarization)2.]

Resolving power (E/ΔE)

5,000-20,000 (at source-size limit; energy-dependent)

Special notes

Polarization is user selectable; linear polarization (horizontal or vertical); left and right elliptical (or circular) polarization.


Photoemission electron microscope.

Beamline phone number

+886-3-5780281 #1052


►Endstation Information

Working principle of X-PEEM (FOCUS-IS PEEM)
Schematic drawing of X-PEEM station

Spatial Resolution (UV/SR source)

Better than 0.15/0.2mm

Sample Temperature

120 K or RT   

Sample Requirement

Solid, Conductive, UHV compatible, 5~10mm in diameter

Sample Exchange

Quick access door with a dock holding 4 samples

External Magnetic Field

Up to 500 Oe, in plane/out of plane



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