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Synchrotron Radiation Circular Dichroism

A new SRCD end station was constructed at the 04B Seya beamline in 2008. This SRCD end station extends the measurements of CD spectra to shorter wavelengths, down to ~168 nm, for researchers to explore the applications of vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) CD spectroscopy in the biological, biochemical and crystallographic research fields. This SRCD end station consists of a vacuum sample chamber, a temperature controller for sample cell and two data acquisition systems based on lock-in technique and boxcar integration method. The CD spectra of camphor-10-sulfonic acid (CSA) and myoglobin in water solution in regions 180-330 nm and 171-260 nm agree with those measured at the SRS(Daresbury, UK), except high concentrations in our measurements because of strong absorption of water and low photon fluxes of the Seya beamline. With myoglobin in D2O at a concentration 80 mg/mL and a 0.002 mm pathlength, the measured CD spectrum is down to 168 nm, in agreement with the literature. An Aviv CD spectrometer is also available for preliminary studies. All users are welcomed to apply for Seya beamtime through our website to perform CD measurements on this new SRCD end station, particularly those CD experts who can explore the advantages of VUVCD spectroscopy and provide us valuable suggestions for future developments.

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BL04B1 Spokesperson:
Lin, Yi-Hung (, +886-3-578-0281 Ext: 3190, 1042)
BL04B1 Beamline Manager:
Lin, Yi-Hung (, +886-3-578-0281 Ext: 3190, 1042)
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BL04B SRCD end station Data acquisition system
AVIV CD spectrometer
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