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Multiple-Wavelength Anomalous Dispersive and Monochromatic Protein Crystallography

Biological Crystallography (BX, MX, PX) is a technique used to determine the 3-dimensional structures of biological molecules such as proteins, viruses and nucleic acids (RNA and DNA) to a resolution higher than ~5 Angstrom. From the studies of this structural information, the detailed mechanism of the biological functions carried out by those macromolecules in living cells and organisms can be elucidated. The x-rays deflected ("scattered") by a single crystal of biological molecules concentrate into sharp intense spots (crystal diffraction pattern), and the structure of the biological molecule can be determined by analysis of the intensities and positions of the diffraction spots.

►Contact Information
If you have any technical concerns, please contact us!
BL13B1 Spokesperson:
Jean, Yuch-Cheng (, +886-3-578-0281 Ext: 7321)
BL13B1 Beamline Manager:
Chen, Yi-Hui (, +886-3-578-0281 Ext: 7324)
►Technical Information
Operational (general use)
Yes, Since Sep. 20th, 2005.
%Time available (general use)
MAD, SAD, & Monochromatic
28 Poles, 6 cm Period Length, 3.5 Tesla Superconducting Wiggler
Ring Current (mA)
300 mA
Average Beam Lifetime
Infinite Under NSRRC Top Up Conditions
Energy Range
6.5 ~ 19 keV (1.9 Å ~ 0.65 Å)
Energy Resolution
2.2 x 10E(-4)
Spot Size
FWHM: 0.65 mm (H) x 0.3 mm (V)
Vertically Collimating Premirror, LN2-Cooled Fixed-Exit Double Crystal Si(111) Monochromator, Toroidal Focusing Mirror
4 x 10E(11)
Flux Detailed
Flux Measured Through a 0.2 mm Round Aperture @ 12.65 keV
Wavelength Min (Å)
Wavelength Max (Å)
LN2-Cooled, Fixed-Exit Double Crystal Monochromator
Crystal Type
Rh Coated
Mirror Cutoff
19.3 keV
Special Capabilities
Automated Sample Mounting
Huber Single Axis Goniometer
Pin Length
Manual Sample Mounting: No Restrictions; Automated Sample Mounting: 14 – 18 mm
Omega +/- 720 degree
Xtal-detector Distance
130 – 800 mm
ADSC Quantum-315 CCD Area Detector
Detector Details
Inter-Frame Total Dead Time: 5s
2theta Range
Vertical Offset + 300 mm, - 50 mm
Horizontal Offset +/- 50 mm
Cryo Capability
Rigaku/MSC X-Stream2000, ~110 K @ Sample
Contact in Advance
BluIce Control Software, HKL/HKL2000, Strategy, CHOOCH
3 2-CPU SGI Octane2s, 1 4-CPU SGI O350 Server, 1 Shared 12-CPU SGI Origin3800 Server, Shared 2.0 TB SGI Fiber Channel Raid System
Backup Devices
USB2.0 / IEEE1394 Portable Disk
Beamline Phone Number
886-3-5780281 Ext 1132
►Station Photos
BL13B1 MAD Experimental Station Close View of Sample Surrounding
Computer Room Experimental Control Area
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